So Why Reet Good?

Dogs are omnivores but they can digest meat more effectively than plants. That’s why HALF of every bag of Reet Good is meat protein. But what’s the benefit?
We like to think of it as:

Q. How much salad would you have to eat to get the same calories as a steak?
A. A lot more!

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That means you don’t have to feed as much Reet Good to meet your dogs needs, saving you money in the long run! It’s also gently steamed to keep the goodness in. Reet Good is made using only the freshest ingredients, sourced from trusted and sustainable farms. Every ingredient is fully traceable too!

Gluten Free

The industry has found that in recent years dogs are more susceptible to gluten intolerances creating problems such as skin irritations, itchiness , dandruff, bowel inflammations, loose stools etc…

Natural Sources of Carbohydrates

Reet Good uses sweet Potato as its carbohydrate, a source not usually eaten by dogs. There is also no gluten based ingredients in Reet Good therefore in most cases alleviating the dogs ailments within weeks.

The Freshest Ingredients

Fresh is tastier and has higher acceptance. Fresh food and ingredients are naturally more palatable and attractive. Pets prefer the taste and select a natural diet that supports their health and growth.

Our Story

For over 20 years we’ve served the residents of Hapton and it’s surrounding area. Spanning three generations and over 70 years of experience, we have seen most dietary problems that can afflict a dog.

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Find out and understand for yourself exactly what makes us a much more healthier, tastier and cheaper alternative than the big branded food labels. The answer is pretty simple really!

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