Christmas is finally here – and what better way to get into the festive spirit than dressing your pooch up in adorable dog Christmas outfits?

And lucky for you, there’s plenty of choices out there to make 2019 the most Christmassy yet. 

Whether it’s a canine Christmas pudding bobbing around the living room or one of Santa’s little helpers, the following 10 choices in this post are sure to fill you and your pup with plenty of Christmas cheer. 


We’ll feature: 


Christmas Dog Jumper

However hideous or not they be, everybody has a favourite festive jumper, don’t they? So, why not let your pooch join in with family Christmas jumper day and treat them to one? Not only will it keep them warm on their long winter morning walks but they can also join in the family Christmas jumper photo and show theirs off. 




Doggy Reindeer Snood

Although Santa already has nine reindeer, why not make your doggo the tenth? They’ll love this cosy little snood to keep their ears nice and warm – and you will too, for different reasons, of course. Your pooch will be that cute they’ll be putting even Dasher, Donner and Comet to shame! The perfect costume for your dog this Christmas and the perfect gift for any dog lover too. 




Festive Dog Pyjamas

It’s a Christmas Eve tradition for a lot of families to put on their new pyjamas and settle down to watch Christmas films. Well, you may be all snuggled up to your dog on the settee whilst doing so, but do they have their own Christmas PJ’s on? Don’t leave them out! Kit them out in festive comfies of their own – or even better still, why not get them matching ones to yours?





Holiday Dog Dress

Getting dressed up for the big day itself or plans over the holiday period is all part and parcel of what makes Christmas the most wonderful time of the year. Every year, family members will be donning their new clothes just hours after unwrapping them on Christmas morning. So, let your pooch feel just as special in their new clothes on Christmas. This dress is perfect to make sure that they certainly won’t be under-dressed for the occasion. 


dog holiday christmas dress (1)


Cool Christmas Bandana

Getting an outfit on your dog may seem like a great idea – until the time comes to actually put it on them. Big dogs are especially hard to squeeze into dog Christmas outfits. If you have a doggo that doesn’t particularly like dressing up or being in a coat, then we recommend that you opt for something a little more understated – like a bandana!

Not quite as striking as a little Santa Claus running around the place, but still joining in with the festivities. Quite similar to the uncle at Christmas who refuses to wear a Christmas jumper but will stretch out to a Christmas cracker crown!




Home Alone Themed Outfit

We all have our favourite Christmas films and seeing as we watch them year after year, there are parts of the film (or all of it, in some cases) that you can recite. Why not share your favourite film with your doggo and kit them out in outfits featuring the famous and memorable lines from it? 

Home Alone is a Christmas classic and a lot of people’s ultimate favourite. This outfit features the iconic “Keep the change ya filthy animal!” line from the film and would look great on any doggo. Buy it for your own or give it as a present for your film buff friends.




Light Up Dog Hoodie

Hoodies are essential at Christmas. It’s cold and you’ve stuffed your face with turkey and all the trimmings. They’re perfect for those lazy days in between Christmas and New Year that’re spent lounging around. Get your dog one too! Not only can they wear them at the same time as you but it’ll keep them warm on a long walk. And the light-up design means you’ll always be able to see them too. 


Light up Christmas dog hoodie (1)


Santa Dog

Dress your doggo up as the main man himself – Santa Claus. We’re not saying that should you dress them up as Santa then you’re guaranteed to wake up to everything you wanted under the tree – but you won’t be short of laughs and good memories of your furry little mate dressed up as the big man. This hat, jacket and belt set is perfect to bring Christmas cheer to your house this year. 




Christmas Bow Ties

Like the bandana, if you’re struggling to squeeze your pooch into a dog Christmas outfit, then a bow tie might be a better idea for you. Dogs in little bow ties are great all year round, but make sure that they look extra smart this Christmas with a festive-themed one. Whether it’s littered with Christmas trees, candy canes or presents, your dog put all others to shame with one of these. 


christmas dog bow tie (1)


Christmas Elf Dog Costume

Santa always needs elves to help him each year and you can turn your dog into one! Again, like the Santa costume earlier, what’s funnier or cuter than your pup dressed up as a little elf? This one isn’t just for your benefit either. As it’s a sweater, it’ll keep your little elf warm on those cold winter mornings too. 




Have a Great Christmas With Your Pooch

Christmas time is all about spending quality time with family and friends. Sharing laughs and having a generally good time is the order of the festivities – so don’t forget one of the key members of your family, your dog! 

They’re by your side all year round, through good and bad, so they deserve to have as good of a time as you. Treat them to the perfect dog Christmas presents this year! And most importantly, a Merry Christmas from all of us here at Reet Good Dog Food.