Christmas is finally upon us.

The most wonderful time of the year is a period for quality time with loved ones, giving and receiving gifts and all-round good cheer. And we feel your pooch deserves to be treated just as much as anybody does. After all, they bring you happiness all year round, so it’s only fair you treat them too. 

But, what do you buy your dog for Christmas? It’s not like they can drop hints in the coming weeks as people do. This blog will outline the eight best dog Christmas presents for this year. We’ve handpicked our favourite gifts that are sure to get your dog’s tails wagging on Christmas Day. 


We’ve chosen: 


Buy Them an Advent Calendar

Ok, so they won’t be opening this one on Christmas Day but a dog advent calendar is sure to excite your dog throughout December. Think about it, how excited do we as adults still get from getting a piece of chocolate or a little treat each day? And we dread to think about how we’d react if we went without one. 

Whether it’s a dog-suitable chocolate one or packed full of their favourite meaty treats, your pooch will love treat time each day. Be sure to hide it from them though – you don’t want to come home from work one day and they’ve ripped through the full box, do you? No judgement from us, we’d do the same if we were left alone with ours for hours on end.  

We recommend: Good Boy Pawsley Meaty Christmas Advent Calendar For Dogs – £6.99


dog christmas presents advent calendar

Image credit: Purely Pet Supplies


Treat Them to a Glass of Pawsecco

Let your dog join in the Christmas toast with a special drink of their own. Of course, pawsecco isn’t alcoholic. It’s made with the consultancy of vets and experts, so you can rest assured when raising a glass. The still wine has proven to be pretty popular with dogs and can be served as a drink or poured over their dinner – whichever way your dog prefers it the most. The two main flavours are elderflower or a carrot alternative. 

We recommend: Pawsecco “Still Wine’ For Dogs – £2.99


dog christmas presents pawsecco

Image credit: Woof and Brew


Pamper Your Pooch with Paw Butter

Spa treatments or home treatment creams are popular Christmas presents with people. And they can be bought for your dog’s too. Why not buy your pup some paw butter and give them the extra TLC that they rightly deserve? 

Puppy paw butter is made from all-natural ingredients and is proven to heal and soothe their paws. They’re based around oatmeal, mangos, aloe vera and plenty of other beneficial ingredients. They don’t include alcohol, of course, and they’re ph neutral so they’re not harmful to your dog. 

We recommend: Pet Head Oatmeal Paw Butter – £5.50 


dog christmas presents paw butter

Image credit: Zoo Plus

Have a Pint with Your Pup

Just like the Pawsecco, you can finally have a drink with your best pal. And luckily for them, it’s packed full of healthy ingredients for them to enjoy, like dandelion and burdock. It’s mainly brewed with non-fermented beer wort, seaweed, natural chicken flavouring, flax, nettle and malt barley extracts. 

However much us people would prefer a normal pint of lager, dog beer is the perfect liquid refreshment for your pet. 

We recommend: Woof & Brew Bottom Sniffer Beer For Dogs – £3


dog christmas presents dog beer

Image credit: Woof and Brew

Play the Memory Game With Them

At Christmas time, games are often played with all the family – so why not play a game that your dog can get involved with too? Not only does it keep your pet entertained, but it also stimulates their brain and encourages exercise – which is a win-win all round!

The memory game keeps your doggo’s interest with the use of treats. It’s simple, press the button and a treat will be delivered from the machine. But can they remember where’ve you’ve put the remote to unleash the treat? Good fun with the family and treats for the dog, the perfect Christmas game. 

We recommend: Trixie Dog Activity Memory Trainer – £39.99


dog christmas presents memory game

Image credit: Zoo Plus

Involve Them in Christmas Jumper Day

A lot of families have Christmas jumper themed film nights, or even wear Christmassy clothes on the big day itself. So, make sure that all the family, including your dog, are dressed up this year. Is there anything cuter than a dog in a little Christmas jumper?

Plus, they come in a whole range of designs and patterns. So, it’s completely up to you whether you want to have a little Christmas pudding running around or one of Santa’s elves. Obviously, you want a jumper that’s going to be comfortable for your dog – we know the thick jumpers can be overly warm and can be a little itchy too if you get the wrong one.

We recommend: Christmas Navy Santa Print Dog Jumper – £14


dog christmas presents dog jumper

Image credit: Sainsbury’s


They Can Never Have Too Many Chew Toys

The classic Christmas present for any dog is a chew toy, isn’t it? They love them and they can never have too many of them either. Whether it’s a brand new ball for them to chase or tug of war toy for you to battle it out with – your dog will love their new chew toy this Christmas. 

We recommend: Christmas Rudolph Vinyl Dog Toy – £4.99


dog christmas presents chew toy

Image credit: Fetch


A Proper Christmas Dinner

Possibly the most anticipated meal of the year – Christmas dinner. Everyone looks forward to the roast turkey and those all-important pigs and blankets, but is your pooch still eating the same old food on Christmas day? Rather than giving your doggo the leftovers from your plate, why not get them their own Christmas dinner?

Sure, they love the leftovers but eating food that isn’t meant for them can quickly lead them to become overweight and may put them at risk of obesity too. At Reet Good Dog Food, our turkey-based dog food is the perfect choice for your dog’s dinner this Christmas. Our products are steam-cooked so all the nutrients and goodness are locked in for them to benefit from. 


dog christmas presents turkey


Enjoy Christmas with Your Furry Little Pal

Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year for families. Presents, memories and laughter are all shared – and your dog is a big part of that. So, be sure to involve them this Christmas and you definitely won’t be disappointed. Get cosy on the settee with them and watch Christmas films, go on crisp wintery walks and help them try out their new toys when the big day comes.