Taurine and Grain Free Dog Food : The Facts

Some new research has come to light recently in the U.S. that appears to display a link between Grain Free Food and Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). We wanted to explain some of the details of these findings and how they relate to the food we and our partners G.A. pet foods – produce. Everyone wants […]

10 Things You Need to Consider When Setting Up a Dog Sitting Business

Setting up a dog sitting business takes more than a love of dogs. Although working with dogs may sound like a dream, you need to consider the legal issues and responsibilities before turning your hobby into a business. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten things you need to consider before setting up a […]

What Are The Different Types of Dog Food & Which One Should I Feed My Dog?

Whether you’re a new dog parent or a seasoned owner, it’s easy to get confused by what types of dog food are the right choice. From those preaching raw to those who think kibble is best, you might be baffled by the choices available to you. We’ll give you a definitive list of the types […]

Dog Teeth Diagram: What Do Your Dogs Teeth Look Like

Have you ever wondered what the inside of your dog’s mouth looks like? No? Well, we are going to tell you anyway. Much like humans, dogs have teeth with different uses, some for tearing meat, and some for breaking down hard kibble. Take a look at this handy Dog Teeth Diagram and then match the […]

Dog Dental Care: How To Take Care Of Your Dog’s Teeth

It’ll come as no surprise that your dog has smelly breath, they’re eating meat flavoured kibble or in some cases, raw meat. We aren’t trying to say your dog needs a Sony electric toothbrush and it’s own doggy mouthwash, but his/her dental hygiene is more important than you think. If dental issues go unnoticed, your […]

Signs Your Dog Has Dental Problems

Noticing your dog has stomach problems is one thing, but finding the signs your dog has dental problems are even harder to diagnose. You have to keep a keen eye on his movements, eating patterns and sleeping patterns. Nobody wants their dog to be suffering and they often do their best to hide it from […]

How To Exercise Your Dog When You’re Retired

As much as retirement will bring you umpteen hours of free time to spend as you wish, it may also mean you are of an age where exercise isn’t as easy as it used to be. Getting a dog at any age is a huge commitment, and if you are looking to relax into retirement […]

How to Look After Your Dog When You’re Retired

Looking after a dog at any age isn’t something you should take lightly, depending on their breed and age they could require your attention for the majority of the time. There are a few things you’ll need to consider before getting a dog, particularly if you are working full time or leading a busy lifestyle. […]

10 Reasons Why Your Dog Has Lost Its Appetite

There’s nothing worse than a dog who has lost interest in their food especially if they are normally gulping it down at super-speed as soon as it’s dinnertime. We all want our pooches to enjoy their meal times, and seeing them turn their nose up at food can raise concerns. There are many reasons why […]

dog has stomach problems

5 Signs Your Dog Has Stomach Problems

When we have an upset stomach, it’s easy to tell as we can be vocal about the discomfort and gain an insight into what the problem might be. However, dogs can’t talk so they don’t have it as easy. Imagine how difficult it would be if you couldn’t communicate your pain to anyone; that’s why […]

What Type of Dog Needs a High Protein Diet

There are plenty of reasons someone might switch their dog to a high protein diet. Don’t get caught up in the myth that it’s only for certain breeds of dog, it has huge benefits for all breeds and sizes. Take a look at this infographic which explains everything you need to know! Find out more about […]

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages of a High Protein Diet for Dogs?

Finding the best diet for your dog can be tricky, after all, you want them to be happy and healthy. But it’s impossible to have them try every food available until you find the perfect match. As trends in dog feeding change, more and more people are reverting to a more traditional high protein diet […]