Have you ever wondered what the inside of your dog’s mouth looks like? No? Well, we are going to tell you anyway.

Much like humans, dogs have teeth with different uses, some for tearing meat, and some for breaking down hard kibble. Take a look at this handy Dog Teeth Diagram and then match the name to the heading where we explain the use of each part of your doggie’s mouth.





These are the small teeth at the front of the mouth used for scraping meat off bones. Dogs also use these teeth when grooming as they can nibble and scratch at their coats to remove fleas or ticks. Your dog has 12 incisors, six on the top and six on the bottom. The small shape of these teeth aids your dog’s ability to gnaw away at food!


These are the pointy fang-like teeth at the sides of your doggie’s mouth, which are used to puncture and grab onto things. This is what makes it so hard for you to get that chew toy off them! They are also used for tearing food apart, commonly meat! Dogs have 4 of these two on the top and two on the bottom!




These are right behind the canines and have sharp edges to help chew and shred food. If you notice your dog chewing with the side of their mouth – it usually means they are utilising their premolars to help break down the food. Your doggies mouth is primarily made up of premolars as they have eight on top and eight on the bottom!


Molars are the ones at the very back; they are used to break down hard biscuits and kibble. These teeth are tough to see and even harder to reach when cleaning! However, they can easily get all sorts of old food stuck inside them, so it’s essential to get to them with a brush every day if you can. Your dog has ten molars in total, four at the top and six at the bottom!



So now you’ve used our dog teeth diagram to find out all about the inside of your doggie’s mouth! But, do you know how to care for those teeth to keep them strong and healthy? Take a look at our blog How To Take Care Of Your Dogs Teeth for all the advice you need!