Everybody wants the best for their furry little pal, don’t they? Well, if you haven’t already, introducing them to high fibre dog food can benefit them in various ways. It’s one of many supplements that get overlooked in your dog’s diet – but it definitely shouldn’t be.

A lot of owners presume that the regular food they buy for their dog is rich in fibre – but this is certainly not always the case. Luckily, there are plenty of different dietary options for you to choose from to ensure that your doggo is getting a sufficient amount of fibre regularly. 

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what foods offer the best source of fibre – that’s what we’re here for. This post will outline the many benefits that high fibre dog food can have for your pet, the risks involved if they don’t get enough fibre and plenty of meal suggestions to include in your dog’s diet. 

We’ll cover: 


Firstly, What is High Fibre Dog Food?

We don’t need to tell you, but high fibre dog food is exactly as it sounds. It’s dog food that’s made with a high amount of natural fibre. If your dog is struggling to maintain a consistent healthy weight or is having constant digestive problems, then a high fibre alternative may be the one for you. 

But it’s not as simple as it sounds. 

People often compare it to getting small children to eat their veggies. Not easy. If your dog knows that their new food is full of nutrients and vitamins, don’t be surprised to see them turn their nose up and barely touch it. 

But don’t worry, there are ways to make your high fibre dog food delicious. At Reet Good Dog Food, our products are all steam cooked, which helps lock in those all-important nutrients, whilst delivering a high-quality taste. Plus, ingredients such as sweet potato are commonly used throughout our range – which is high in fibre value. 




What are the Main Benefits of High Fibre Dog Food?

The benefits that your dog can take from fibre are similar to humans. Think about it, if you don’t balance your diet properly and overload on one particular food group, neglecting another, your stomach can become quickly upset. And dogs are prone to sensitive stomachs too. 

Heavy, grain-based pet food may fill up your dog initially but they need the right nutrition to keep them going throughout the day. And also to regulate their bodies too. Without the right amount of fibre, your dog could face a variety of health concerns that you might not have even considered before. 

The main benefits of high fibre dog food are: 


Aiding Digestion

Fibre is crucial to help with the digestive health of your pooch. It can help regulate a dog’s digestive system if they tend to have problems with it and can help ease constipation or diarrhoea symptoms too. 


Colon Health

High fibre dog food also improves your doggo’s colon health. The beneficial bacterial source produced in your dog’s intestines turns the fibre source into fatty acids, which help fight against nasty bacteria that could harm them or any colon injury. 

Fermentable fibre can protect your pooch from cancer. It speeds up the elimination process and lessens the exposure to any carcinogens that your dog may have eaten or come across. So, not only does fibre help protect the colon wall but it’s proven to help prevent cancer too. 


Maintaining a Healthy Weight 

However cute chubby dogs are, obesity is, unfortunately, a serious problem with our four-legged pals. Obesity is up there with the most common causes of illnesses in dogs. Most obese dogs are likely to stay at that weight throughout their lives – and this is down to their owners not reducing the amount of food that they give them or giving them the wrong type of food that they can’t digest. 

High fibre dog food can help cut down food portion sizes but still leave your dog feeling full. Plus, not only are they eating far fewer calories, but they’re also getting extra nutrition that can help with a lot more than just their weight. 




Rather than make the full switch straight away to a high fibre diet, we advise that you ease your pup into it. Why not try adding a high fibre source into their normal diet to help introduce them? For example, green beans are a great source of fibre. 


Controls Diabetes

Diabetes in dogs is pretty common. Obviously, a high fibre diet isn’t going to cure the condition but it can help keep it under control and lessen any threat to your dog. Certain fibres help slow down the digestion process, which helps to keep blood sugar levels consistent. Therefore, it decreases the number of fluctuations and helps regulate the condition. 

Before taking action yourself, to be extra careful, make sure that you discuss any dietary changes with your vet – especially if your dog has serious health issues.

All dogs are different and you wouldn’t want to put your little pal at any further risk, would you?


What Food is Rich in Fibre and Suitable for My Dog?

It’s one thing to make the switch to a high fibre dog food, but you need to make sure that the quality of fibre in the food is right for your dog. There are different qualities of fibre in dog food and the poorer ones won’t benefit your pooch at all. It’s not good enough to simply just add fibre to your dog’s diet – it needs to be the right type.  

When looking at introducing fibre into their diet, avoid ingredients like corn and any other unhealthy fillers. It’s super important that you know every ingredient that’s going into your dog’s food. For example, cellulose can appear in dog food but in the past, it’s shown to be sourced from shredded paper – obviously not ideal for your pooch. Knowing what’s in your dog’s food is the first step to keeping them fit and healthy.

Not just ingredients, but owners should be aware of amounts too. A lot of dog foods won’t state how much of an ingredient is in a product, because they don’t have to legally. You can rely on Reet Good Dog Food to have a meat content of 50 percent in each of our products. 




So, what food is rich in fibre and suitable for your dog to eat? Here are a few: 


Sweet Potatoes

As briefly touched on earlier, sweet potatoes are a great source of fibre for your pup and can support their digestive health excellently. One sweet potato carries over three grams of fibre and more importantly, most dogs will absolutely love the taste too. 

Throughout our products at Reet Good Dog Food, we use sweet potatoes as our carbohydrate. As we mentioned earlier, our products are all steam-cooked too which locks in all the goodness for your doggo. Plus, it’s gluten-free so it’s suitable for all dogs. 


Canned Pumpkin

Pumpkin for dogs, really? Well, the answer is YES! We know it might not be what’s usually on the menu for your doggo but it’s a great source of fibre and can aid their digestive health. It can also alleviate the symptoms of diarrhoea too – and nobody wants that, do they? 

Pumpkin is also great for weight management. With obesity being a big problem in dogs, the last thing you want is your little mate getting too chubby. Pumpkin can help keep them to an active and healthy weight. 




Green Beans 

Green beans are a great way for dog owners to introduce fibre to their pet’s diet. Steam cook and let them cool before serving them. A lot of dogs love the taste of green beans and they offer all the benefits of a high fibre dog food diet too. 




Other high fibre sources are: 

  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Peaches
  • Carrots
  • Tomatoes
  • Green Vegetables
  • Beet Pulp


Look After Your Pup by Looking After Their Diet

To ensure that your pup lives a happy and long life, you need to look after them as best as possible. And that all starts with their diet. It’s not only the fibre value that you need to keep a lookout for either. Other areas like dog protein and different food groups can benefit their health too when introduced into their diet. 

We wouldn’t be happy if our health wasn’t a priority, would we? So why should you neglect your dog’s health by feeding them the wrong types of food? Keep your pooch as happy as possible with a diet that they love.