For many of us, there comes a time when we decide to get back into fitness, start eating better, healthier foods and drink more water. The healthy eating trend has taken over with low-fat, low-carb, high-protein diets, and that’s led many pet owners to think more about what their dogs are eating too.

Owners are now becoming increasingly aware of their dog’s health and wellbeing, especially when it comes to what they’re being fed. Have you been wondering how to get your dog to lose weight? Or maybe you’re getting concerned about its health? There are a few things to remember when looking to shift those extra pounds.


Can Dogs Eat Clean?

Clean eating in humans and dogs sticks to the same basic principle. It’s the idea of eating food in its natural state, unprocessed and without preservatives or additives.

For some humans, this includes cutting out dairy, gluten and processed foods, but it can have the same meaning for our pets too. Many people have chosen to go to the other end of the spectrum, and feed their dogs pure raw meat which also has benefits.

Clean Eating Dogs

Eating clean for dogs reverts their diet to that of their ancestors, who would only kill and eat raw meat. Now, we aren’t saying your dog needs to become a hunting wolf and that your cat is in danger.

What we are saying is that increasing meat protein and reducing the amount of processed or bulked up grains will strip your dog’s diet back, increase its energy, and boost its overall health. A diet with fewer grains and higher protein content is key to getting your dog to lose weight.


Low-Fat Isn’t As Healthy As It Sounds

It’s important to note that calling something ‘low-fat’ doesn’t always mean it’s the healthiest choice for your dog. While we humans look at low-fat content in our food as a positive trigger that has a connection to weight loss, it’s not always the same with our furry friends. In actual fact, higher fat or higher protein can be an aid to weight loss in dogs.


how to get your dog to lose weight

Higher protein contents mean a higher energy reserve, which keeps your dog fuller for longer and prevents overfeeding.

It’s good to note that reducing the fat content doesn’t always mean removing added junk from the food. It might, in fact, be the other way around where the food has ‘low-fat’ in other words less protein and is bulked up with grains and fillers that reduce your dog’s ability to absorb nutrients.


Cutting Out Grains Aids Weightloss

Reet good has a 50% meat content, unlike most “premium” branded dog foods such as James Wellbeloved, Burns and Eukanuba, which have (approx.) 22%.

The higher meat content means the food is less clogged up with excess carbs and grains, the ingredients likely to cause excess fat in dogs — and contains the nutrients and protein dogs receive from meat and vegetables, as opposed to grains fills them up for longer.

This prevents them from overeating to feel satisfied, their calorific requirements are met while feeding a smaller amount.

Steak vs Salad


Think about this, steak vs this salad. In order to get the same calorific content from both, you would have to eat a lot of salad.

Reet Good is grain free food. This means it contains no ingredients with gluten, which is usually found in grains such as wheat, barley or anything containing wheat flour.

Gluten-based ingredients are usually used as the main carbohydrate source in most dog foods.

Reet Good uses sweet Potato as its carbohydrate, a source not usually eaten by dogs. There is also no gluten based ingredients in Reet Good therefore in most cases curing/alleviating common stomach ailments within weeks.


The Cooking Process Makes A Difference

Cooking dog food


When looking at how to get your dog to lose weight, it’s important to consider how the food is cooked as well as what’s in it. Within Reet Good’s 50% meat content,  24% of that is made in the conventional extrusion method (expose the meat to high temperature, separating the dried protein, oils, water and fats, then add some of the water oils and fats back into your requirements). In this process, essential vitamins and minerals are lost.

The additional 26% is steamed at our manufacturers using their trademarked “Freshtrusion” method and then added to the mixing process. The benefits of this process include:

  • Fresh is more natural, animals naturally feed on fresh food. They enjoy it and gain all the nutrients they require from it.


  • Fresh ingredients naturally contain high levels of nutrients and antioxidants. Fresh ingredients also generally have lower levels of degraded product. Both of these factors help to support the health and wellbeing of pets. Traditional dog foods are cooked at as much as 300 degrees, Freshtrusion cooks at 90 degrees keeping essential ingredients locked in.


  • Fresh meat is inherently more digestible (up to 98%) when compared to rendered meat meals, this means that less protein is needed and wasted.


  • Fresh food and ingredients are naturally more palatable and attractive, pets prefer the taste and select a natural diet that supports their health and growth.


  • We know the exact source of the fresh meat that goes into Reet Good, this short supply chain ensures the ingredients are freshly delivered every day, producing a superior dry pet food.

Is Raw Right?

Raw feeding has always had a place in the dog food industry, but it has become more popular recently, as trends change and pet owners become more aware of what goes into their pets’ food. Raw feeding has its benefits and drawbacks. A notable benefit is having full control over what goes into your dog’s food.

Is raw dog food right?

For example, branding a dog food “with chicken” legally requires only 4% of it to be actual chicken meat. The rest can be offcuts and offal. The raw diet gives a higher level of control over meal times.

Lastly, it’s a return to a natural feeding style, meeting your dog’s instinctively omnivorous needs! However, there are some cons of the purely raw diet:

  • Freezer space/having a separate freezer
  • Contamination of different batches
  • Higher risk of bacterial infection in the owner and dog
  • Small bones which can cause choking or internal injury
  • Raw feeding requires additional supplements such as vitamins and minerals, fibre and carbohydrates


Reet Good has all the benefits of raw feeding, with a clear ingredients list and a high protein content (50% meat). It’s also a complete food, which means there is no need for extra supplements of carbs fibre or vitamins because it’s all in one place!

As well as those essential vitamins, we have added omega 3 oils which are proven to support cognitive function and visual development in puppies. They also encourage all-round health throughout adulthood, and help reduce joint problems in later life.


So, How Do You Get Your Dog To Lose Weight?

Once you’ve considered what changes you need to make to your dog’s diet, don’t leave out exercise. It goes without saying that exercise will boost your dog’s overall health and help it lose weight. A combination of high-protein which will increase your dog’s energy levels and keep it feeling full, plus a good level of weekly exercise will see the pounds shift in no time.